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Third Party International (TPI) is a group of highly qualified and competent operations consultants with significant expertise in the aerospace, automotive, and medical sectors. Our supplier surveillance, quality, and consultants resources provide an on-site liaison between the client and supplier, working to resolve critical needs and provide timely response, results, and communication.
We also offer consulting and project management services in tactical and strategic supply chain, quality, manufacturing, purchasing, and engineering.
We customize our work scope to your needs, respond quickly, and provide responsive, customer-centric services throughout the United States and abroad.

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At TPI, we are dedicated to delivering unparalleled support, ensuring seamless operations and maximizing value for our clients, both domestically and internationally. Our leadership team plays a crucial role in upholding this commitment, leveraging their expertise and strategic insight to navigate complex challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities.

With a focus on innovation and forward-thinking solutions, our leaders are at the forefront of driving growth and delivering results that exceed expectations. By fostering a culture of excellence and continuous improvement, they inspire our team to push boundaries and strive for excellence in everything we do.

At TPI, leadership isn’t just about guiding the company – it’s about empowering our clients to achieve their goals and surpass their expectations. Our leaders lead by example, embodying the values of integrity, collaboration, and client-centricity that define our organization.

Message From The CEO

Dear current and prospective clients,

From our humble beginnings in 2002, Third Party International takes great pride in our growth and broad capabilities. We have a reputation for generating results for our customers, both domestically and abroad. Throughout our history, we have grown our capability and reach while maintaining the responsiveness of a small company. TPI follows our clients’ ever changing needs and operating environments while delivering extremely effective and affordable services. A large part of our success is due to our associates, who are focused on exceptional professional and customer service. Our consultants, as well as the entire TPI organization, share one common and overriding goal: customer satisfaction. I encourage you to take a tour of our capabilities and look forward to exploring ways that we can help you succeed.

Bret Barnes

C.P.M./CPIM/ TPI President

Trusted world-class brands and organizations of all sizes.

Where Dreams Take Flight: TPI's Journey to Excellence.

At Third Party International (TPI), we believe in turning dreams into reality. Our journey to excellence is driven by our unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled solutions and exceeding expectations. With a focus on innovation, integrity, and collaboration, we soar above the competition, ensuring that our clients’ aspirations take flight. Join us on this extraordinary journey and experience the difference with TPI.

Empower Your Supply Chain with Third Party

Supplier Surveillance & Field Quality Services

With a international network of experienced consultants, TPI is never more than 24 hours away from your most pressing supply chain management need. While we’re helping your supplier deliver product to you, we will assess their order fulfillment capability , identify weaknesses and stay engaged until you see sustainable performance improvements. For product quality, we have hands-on personnel to identify root cause and corrective actions capable of working with the supplier or manufacturing engineering to re-design processes to eliminate defects.

Project Management

Our consultants are former senior executives who have years of experience in driving improvements in operations and supporting functions. They are hands-on experts who don’t just give you a list of suggestions….they execute and deliver improvements in customer service, working capital, and profitability.

Specialized Consulting Services

Although TPI's core specialty is supply chain, supplier quality and project management, TPI can provide custom services including but not limited to: · aPriori should cost modeling

· 2D(paper) to 3D computer modeling

· Advanced quality capabilities: PFMEA, DOE

· Lean manufacturing & 5S

Why Choose us

Program Management Excellence

Unlock the potential of your projects with our versatile program leads, adept at overcoming barriers and delivering results with precision.

Program Lead

Strong Program Management Skills

Program Lead

Ability to Adapt, Improvise and Overcome


Diversification of Skills

Leadership Skills with Strength in Manufacturing

Program Support

Program/Project Support


Ability to Recognize and Resolve Issues

highly Technical

Diversification of Skills

Leadership Skills

Minute Man

Program/Project Support

Require Some Supervision or Limited on Travel

Ability to Resolve Issues with Support from Field Lead

Focused Skills

Unlocking Your Operational Potential

Third Party International: Your Partner in Operational Excellence

Field Surveillance

TPI's experienced consultants specialize in field surveillance, ensuring seamless monitoring and oversight of your operations.

Supplier Development

Partner with us to enhance supplier relationships and streamline your procurement processes for maximum efficiency.

Operations Consulting

Let our experts identify and resolve bottlenecks in your operations, driving continuous improvement and sustainable growth.

Project Management

Trust TPI to manage your projects with precision and expertise, delivering results that exceed expectations every time.

Quality Assurance

Ensure the highest standards of quality throughout your operations with TPI's comprehensive quality assurance services. Our experts implement rigorous processes and protocols to guarantee consistency and excellence in every aspect of your business.

Supply Chain Optimization

Transform your supply chain into a strategic asset with TPI's supply chain optimization solutions. From demand forecasting to inventory management, our consultants leverage cutting-edge strategies and technologies to streamline your supply chain and drive efficiency.

Risk Management

Mitigate risks and safeguard your business with TPI's robust risk management services. Our specialists assess potential threats, develop proactive strategies, and implement effective controls to protect your assets and ensure business continuity.

Training and Development

Invest in your team's success with TPI's comprehensive training and development programs. From technical skills to leadership training, we provide tailored solutions to empower your workforce and drive performance excellence.


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Here at Third Party International, we are Transforming Visions into Reality, Every Step of the Way, ensuring that our clients achieve their objectives and reach new heights of success.

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