About Us

Third Party International (TPI) is a group of highly qualified and competent operations consultants with significant expertise in the aerospace, automotive and medical sectors. Our supplier surveillance, quality and consultants resources provide an on-site liaison between the client and supplier, working to resolve critical needs and provide timely response, results and communication.
We also offer consulting and project management services in tactical and strategic supply chain, quality, manufacturing, purchasing, and engineering.
We customize our work scope to your needs, respond quickly, and provide responsive, customer centric services throughout the United States and abroad.

Discover The TPI Advantage

Supplier Surveillance & Field Quality Services

With a national network of experienced consultants, TPI is never more than 24 hours away from your most pressing supply chain management need. While we’re helping your supplier deliver product to you, we will assess their order fulfillment capability , identify weaknesses and stay engaged until you see sustainable performance improvements.

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Project Management

Our consultants are former senior executives who have years of experience in driving improvements in operations and supporting functions. They are hands on experts who don’t just give you a list of suggestions….they execute and deliver improvements in customer service, working capital and profitability.

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Consulting Services

TPI specializes in sourcing and supply chain management processes. Whether you need support in bid/supplier selection or in managing a transition between suppliers. TPI has the tools, resources and project management disciplines to complement your internal project resources.

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Our People

  • Strong Program Management Skills
  • Program Lead
  • Ability to Adapt, Improvise and Overcome Barriers
  • Diversification of Skills
  • Leadership Skills with Strength in Manufacturing
  • Program/Project Support
  • Self-Managed
  • Ability to Recognize and Resolve Issues
  • highly Technical
  • Diversification of Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Program/Project Support
  • Require Some Supervision or Limited on Travel
  • Ability to REsolve Issues with Support from Field Lead
  • Focused Skills
TPI Team Member Experience Summary

Company Experience