Field Services & Supplier Development

Common Work Scopes

On-site project management of strategic initiatives, new product development and/or critical part deliveries.
On-going management to prevent late deliveries to keep suppliers aligned to your needs.
Source selection, lead-time reduction and synchronized and flawless repositioning of critical needs-commodity management.
Physical movement, tracking of critical components resulting in lead-time reduction.
Rate readiness review, FAI support, PPAP, advance quality systems, specialty inspection, supplier audits and evaluations.

Internal Supplier Development-CPI

  • OEM diagnostics (data / score card data) to establish risk assessments
  • Supplier mapping
  • Multi-functional teams
  • Eight core supplier skills (Quality-Responsiveness-RMA-Issues Reports-Inventory levels-OTP-Capacity) are monitored on a continuous basis
  • “Boots on the ground” teams to spend more of their time directly at supplier sites working on these key issues
  • Predictive analytics with (5) levels of maturity-1: Undefined and not capable 2: Defined and applied, but not 100% efficient or not applied everywhere in the company 3: Defined, applied and effective 4: Predictable 5: Optimized
Process Overview

Aerospace Manufacturing Corridors Covered

  • Cost effective extension to your supply chain management efforts.
  • Quick dispatch to triage your priorities with speed.
  • Extensive experience in dealing with tough supplier issues.
  • Ability to stay engaged until the problem is solved.
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Client Reviews

“I would highly recommend TPI surveillance, consulting or recruiting services” Christopher Vazzana, General Manager. – Idex Corporation

“I would not hesitate to use TPI at any time in the future and would highly recommend their services” Paul Baggett, C.P.M., Procurement Mgr. – Honeywell