The TPI Advantage


  • Regional Coverage – 24 Hour Dispatch
  • Comprehensive Skill Sets
  • Work To Your Communication Structure
  • Cost Effective Extension To Your Supply Chain Management Efforts
  • Quick Dispatch To Triage Your Priorities With Speed
  • Extensive Experience In Dealing With Tough Supplier Issues
  • Ability To Stay Engaged Until The Problem Is Solved
TPI Smart Solutions
We provide clients with on-site, qualified, experienced, and professional consultants in order to resolve issues created by supply chains or engineering constraints.


Our depth and experience is unsurpassed, ensuring that we have the technical expertise you need, when you need it. Our regionally located consultants are in close proximity to nearly every major manufacturing center in the US and Canada. We can respond to most dispatch requests in as little as 4 hours.

Customer Centric

We design work scopes, solutions and measures that fit your performance goals and your budget. We use your reporting formats, your measures of progress and encourage you to utilize our resources as a direct extension to your team.


We back up our work with metrics, analysis and reporting that give you an unambiguous assessment of the progress we’re making on your project…based upon your definition of success.

Cost Effective

Using your own supply chain resources to tackle supply chain constraints keeps them away from working more pressing issues at home. Our centralized dispatching process ensures that we get there fast and with seasoned resources, consume less of your travel budget, while keeping your scarce supply chain resources on more important priorities.


Our consultants are experienced operations and supply chain professionals, many holding Blackbelt, CPIM, CPM, CQE, and/or CQM certifications. Our customers draw on that expertise to improve material availability and product quality in every tier of the supply chain.